Introducing The Vizio M261VP

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Looking for Vizio M261VP?

You’ve come to the right place!

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Are you fed up with your old TV that has no clear and viewable even from way off angle?

Do you sick and tired of your old TV that does not have connection to the Internet via integrated Wireless-N Wi-Fi or via the included Ethernet port?

Are you want to watch program such as CNBC, iMemories, Roxio CinemaNow, VUDU and Yahoo TV Widgets in TV? But your typical TV doesn’t have it?

If this is the problem you may be considering purchasing the top bestselling Vizio M261VP.
Vizio M261VP gives you deeper blacks and brighter whites. Vizio M261VP comes with stylish remote control so you can easily control every function of your TV. Plus, you can watch program such as, CBS, NBC, CNBC, iMemories, Roxio CinemaNow, The Weather Channel, Flickr, Netflix, Rhapsody, Twitter, VUDU and Yahoo TV Widgets on TV.

Get Your Own Vizio M261VP Now for 8% OFF!

Still not convinced? Check out the Real Vizio M261VP buyers have to say!

5.0 out of 5 stars Soooooooo Nice!, May 20, 2011

This TV greatly exceded my expectations. The picture is amazingly sharp. 1080p with a contrast ratio at 100,000 on a screen this small should be flawless and IT IS! I hung this on the wall in the kitchen. It takes up as much room as a framed picture. With the LED technology, I can leave it running all day without running up the electric bill. I only use the VIZIO Apps for the weather so I don’t know how great that feature is overall. But the weather app is a nice bonus. I could go on an on but the NBA finals calling so I have to go. The sound is not so good, but any device this thin would suffer the same fate.
You will not regret this purchase.

You can do your part for the environment as well! It is friendly environment product because it uses less electricity.
The Vizio M261VP is the highest-rated laptop on the market.

5.0 out of 5 stars Love love love :), May 17, 2011

I ordered this tv almost 7 months ago and I absolutely love it. I use it in my bedroom and it’s currently hooked up to an xbox, ps3 and wii, as well as hd cable. It’s on almost all day every day and I’ve never had a problem with it overheating. The picture is the best I’ve ever seen on any tv and the internet apps are really simple and fun to use. I recommend this tv to everyone I talk to. You won’t regret getting this tv. The only problem I have is that I have to supplement the sound with a soundbar and the remote advertised to come with it didn’t. The remote it comes with IS NOT the sliding keyboard remote that’s advertised in some places. It looks exactly the same, but with no keyboard. Otherwise, this is the best purchase I’ve ever made.

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